WHAT WE DO- Services and Solutions

Marketing, Sales and Leasing

Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation’s team of professionals work closely with local and national brokers to: (1) thoroughly understand the markets in which EBR operates; and (2) provide realestate programs that respond to these market conditions. EBR is always aware of the land’s character and how it fits within the larger geographic area. EBR constantly balances theattributes of the land with the needs and concerns of the local community.

Facilities Management

Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation provides cost effective and timely facilities management services within many of our communities by combining our in-house expertise with a substantial reservoir of highly experienced outside contractors and suppliers.

Design and Construction

Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation works directly with other developers to provide real estate concepts and offer solutions to their specific development requirements. Land Use Planning and Development Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation develops land use solutions by blending the requirements of other developers with the quality and aesthetic attributes of the community.

VALUE WE ADD / Experience

There have been times when Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation has not only developed theland, but has actually built, sold or leased various facilities and residences. EBR’s projects have ranged from historic rehabs and conversions to new office, retail and industrial facilities. Varioustypes of housing have also been created. These have ranged from individual housing to full residential communities.

The value EBR adds to the development process is currently evidenced by The Powder Forest® Business Park and Avon Park North in Connecticut. Both of these communities continue toevolve into high quality examples of real estate development. Avon Park South, which is now fully developed, is an example of how the value we added in the past has continued to increaseas the properties mature.

Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation, a subsidiary of Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc. is a longterm, well respected neighbor. We invite you to learn more about our communities that blendpark-like beauty with practical business and residential sensitivities.


In some instances, Ensign-Bickford Realty Corporation provides comprehensive property management services for our communities. EBR is well known for its friendly, on site property management staff. Our Maintenance Supervisors will respond to, coordinate and follow up on alltenant maintenance requests and services.

Tenants may contact us:

During business hours (M-F 7:30 am to 5:00 pm All Times Eastern) 860-843-2001

After business hours emergency– Security staff 860-843-2276

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